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I love this game, but I wish you could make updates to this game, like possibly new brushes, or something to adjust the volume to the music (while it's awesome, it blasts my speakers too loudly) I recommend a zoom and scroll option for when you want to do some fine details to a drawing. (This would make drawing things immensely easier for artists who don't know how to click and zoom-in on a flash program)

Also I would like to see more than just the same six featured artists.

Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered I'm up there, but there are so many artists who should also be noted and I've also gotten a few notes from people who keep asking me how I got up there. (I don't even know how I did)

Lastly I'd like to ask for an option to end games and not just ignore users (who have probably started a game with me and never continued playing), every time I clear my cookies all my ignored games return from purgatory and I have pages among pages of unending games.

Mattster responds:

Unfortunately, I won't be updating this game in the future. There are other projects in the works which I am spending my spare time on. This game was really just an experiment that ended up going really well! I have a document where I have been writing down feedback (brushes, zoom, etc) for a possible sequel some day :)

Featured artists were a last minute thing I added in to highlight some of the talent in the portal. Since I am not really maintaining this game any more, this probably won't change either :(

And as for ignoring users... There is no true multiplayer with the Newgrounds API, just a bit of a hack I whipped up. Due to these limitations, a game cannot be permanently deleted without me having to go and manually delete the files.

Thank you for the review and support! It's people like you who really inspire me when working on projects like this :)

Needs improvment

At first I likeded it, the upgrades were okay and the veriety of enimies was fine at first. but then it started to go level after level with the same enimie, I ran out of upgrades and the time just got longer and longer. I played for a hour up to twenty levels for no point.
Then I grew sleepy, if it were the graphics or the music or a combanation I just couldn't get any more excited about the game.

If this is how you planed the game you have a long way to go before it becomes a good one.

Rustygames responds:

Sorry you didnt enjoy the game. Howveer i'm glad it kept you entertained for so long. Did you try all of mission mode?

It's not good to be bad But it's fun to be bad, and that can be SO good

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